With an extraordinary curriculum of experiences in Italy and abroad, Marinella Pucci moves in different artistic fields. 

She is a valid and multifaceted artist who manages to combine various expressive forms in her path , always remaining faithful to the idea of ​​an art that is a witness to the spirit of its time.

Her experiences began thanks to the encounter with dance which allowed her to immediately obtain approvals and consents thanks to her innate talent. Through grace, discipline, sacrifice and interpretation she enters a world where she manages to give dreams, translating her body into visual emotions.

During her training her interests go further, in fact she also specializes as a dance teacher . This experience allows her to touch the souls of her students guiding them on a path of growth in which she transmits adequate interpersonal skills as well as disciplinary.

Music and movement become elements for her that allow her to renew herself from time to time.

Marinella Pucci was born a dancer but is also a choreographer, theater actress, poet and painter, with a strong passion for Tango and holistic sciences .

It is therefore quite natural to acknowledge that within Marinella's artistic career the real strength of her being an artist is precisely the encounter with different passions. We could in a certain sense define these various artistic activities as a sort of " abstract " categories , which touch and intertwine with each other, giving rise in turn to a small treatise on philosophy that is written directly on each of the " stages " where she decides to perform.

When she paints, she manages to give her sensitivity as an artist, with the same impetus as when she recites or dances. It is a reunion and convergence , where her private world becomes part of the world around her.

In the shapes and colors of Marinella, we find the harmony of the universe! 

As an artist and researcher of holistic sciences, she nurtures a deep sensitivity and interest in respect for the individual, for nature and everything that can favor a lifestyle in harmony with the environment and other living beings.

With her verses, Marinella gives great importance to words, making them profound bearers of meanings and giving the poetic expression a psychological value.

In a combination of words, dance steps and the alchemical power of colors, Marinella accompanies us in a world where she manages to give us deep emotions that wear spiritual garments and, very often, wings to take flight. 

All this precisely because she is never one, but multifaceted. capable of leading us to explore the many faces of art.