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Marinella Pucci is a wide-ranging Artist: a tango DJ, a choreographer, a dancer, a dance teacher, an organizer and holistic Therapist. As TangOsa, her professional Tango DJ name, Marinella uses her art of DJ playing to tap into dancers’ emotions and elevate their state of being into pure happiness creating the elusive tango connection between souls and hearts. In a tango event, her objective is to create an environment where the dancers never feel like getting off the dance floor, managing their "energy level" to last through the whole evening. She observes constantly the dancers' reactions in order to make changes on the fly during her DJ sessions by using her natural skill of energy-level management reading.

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®TangOsa future DJ sets

23/09/2021 Milonga Oranjekerk - Amsterdam - NL17-18-19/09/2021 Scacciatango Marathon-Comiso -IT

23/09/2021 Milonga Oranjekerk - Amsterdam - NL
17-18-19/09/2021 Scacciatango Marathon-Comiso -IT

®TangOsa past DJ sets

04/09/2019 Farol-Wassenaar - NL27/07/2019 Tango Centro- Den haag- NL06/08/2019 La rotonda-Copanello Calabria-Italy15/08/2019 @ Catania International Tango festival with Dj debut with...

04/09/2019 Farol-Wassenaar - NL
27/07/2019 Tango Centro- Den haag- NL
06/08/2019 La rotonda-Copanello Calabria-Italy
15/08/2019 @ Catania International Tango festival with Dj debut with G.Sodini
30/09/2019 Tango Centro- Den haag- NL
13/10/2019 Tango @the Office - Den Haag- NL
23/11/2019 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
24/11/2019 Gran Salon Culemborg – NL
01/12/2019 Tango Centro- Den haag- NL
06/12/2019 Pichuco - Amsterdam-NL
07/12/2019 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
21/12/2019 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
26/12/2019 La Traditional  Rende/Cosenza- Italy
21/12/2019 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
19/01/2020 Salsafeestje& Tango-Wassenaar-NL
25/01/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
25/01/2020  El Corazon - Leiden-NL
31/01/2020 Pichuco - Amsterdam-NL
01/02/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
22/02/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
23/02/2020  El Corazon - Leiden-NL
07/03/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
23/03/2020 Gran Salon Culemborg – NL


27/07/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
31/07/2020 Milonga Ragusa Sicily-Italy
01/08/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
22/08/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
05/09/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
19/09/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
03/10/2020 Farol-Wassenaar –NL
24/10/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
07/11/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
21/11/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
05/12/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
19/12/2020 Farol-Wassenaar -NL
26/12/2020 La Traditional  Rende/Cosenza- Italy
09/07/2021 Pichuco - Amsterdam -NL
11/07/2021 Farol-Wassenaar -NL